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Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing 


EMDR has long been used for the treatment of trauma and stress symptoms.  The World Health Organization, American Psychiatric Association, and Department of Veteran's affairs have validated and utilized this treatment as an intervention for flashbacks, attachment breaks, distrubed sleep, phobias and more.  

How it Works...

When something bad happens, it happens first to the body, then the emotions kick in and then you start to ‘reprocess’ the event—you think about it, sleep on it, get support, time passes etc. At the end of that reprocessing, you can still remember the bad event, but it no longer bothers you. That’s an example of the brain working the way it should. But sometimes this reprocessing gets stuck, and this is where EMDR comes in. It “desensitizes and reprocesses” the difficult memory or issue so that you have peace with it.

EMDR works using a series of alternating beeps or taps on both sides of the body. This helps the momentum of processing where the emotional journey became 'stuck'. 

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